Midwest Power

All apparel orders due by OCTOBER 1st!!!

Friday, October 29th through Sunday, October 31st, 2021

Are you ready for big rockets and big fun? Then come join us at our biggest launch of the year, Midwest Power! Come out and test your rockets with our 15,000 foot waiver.

Midwest Power is our annual regional rocket launch that includes...

  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday launch operations (9-4:30 on Fri/Sat, 9-3 on Sun; weather permitting)

  • Saturday banquet with food, fun, and raffles

  • On site vendors

  • Night Launch

  • Hoodies, T-Shirts, and other assorted merchandise

  • Volunteer Sign Up!!!

Register for Midwest Power HERE!!!

Current Vendors Attending

Interested in vending? Sign up now!! View our vendor agreement HERE!!

Composite Warehouse

Wildman Rocketry


Countyline Hobbies - Sunday Only

Impulse Buys


Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses


If you would like to donate to the raffle, please fill out THIS FORM. Once donations are received, a receipt will be issued to you. QCRC is a non profit organization. All donations are good for tax write offs.

Raffle prizes are kindly donated by the following:



Composite Warehouse

Countyline Hobbies

Top Flight Recovery

Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses

Wildman Hobbies

Impulse Buys

Special thanks to Stickershock for donating MWP 19 stickers for all registered fliers.

Registered Flyers:

John Anderson

Kenneth Bergschultz

Eric Bergschultz

Kenneth Bergschultz

Jackie Bergschultz

Bill Bertoldi

Michael Berry

Andrew Brown

Jason Brown

Eric Burgess

Dan Crank

Mark Crumpacker

John Cummings

David Deavours

Jane Denali

Gary Dickinson

Donald Frieders

Jeffery Gebhardt

Don Hays

Allen Isdell

Brian Janssen

Max Jetzer

Richard Krumbacher

Brent Lillesand

Thomas Long

Richard Lyons

Adam Nielsen

Frank Nobile

Scott Otto

Gary Pletzer

Sather Ranum

David Ratliff

Jim Scarpine

Gregory Shadle

Richard Sharp

Gary Slater

Jeffery Sonnetag

John Williams

Chris Schletter

Jay Rietz

Jon Rindfleisch

Bruce Baldwin

Daniel Fox

Wayne Koskey

Greg Olson

Gary Kawabata

Scott Goebel

Robert Camele

Tim Hegemier

Jeffery Hallett

Richard Cash

Connie Cash

Stewart Reed

Donald Kennedy

Richard Krumbacher

Donald Ball

Scott Sager

Sherryl Sager

Sabrina Sager

William Carney

Timothy Dixon

Steven Dramstad

Erik Czerwin

Dennis Watkins

Perry Kalamaris

Michael Gross

Jenny Gross

Duane Gosa

Anthony Johann